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    Glenbrook has been caring for our family dog Sophie, a miniature dachshund, for several years now and we have always been more than satisfied with the level of care that she has received.

    Shortly after Sophie turned fourteen last year she had a serious medical incident that caused her to lose the use of her hind end. As it was after hours we had an emergency vet attend to her. We were quickly advised that we would have to put Sophie down as there was nothing that could be done to help her at her age.

    Later that day we took Sophie to Glenbrook for their opinion. Both my husband and I made it perfectly clear that we were not willing to keep Sophie alive for our sakes alone and that we wanted what was best for her. After examining Sophie, Glenbrook advised us of several options some of which they did not offer such as specialized neurological surgery. We chose to have the surgery done and Dr. Hasselaar had a referral in so quickly, we were able to meet with the surgeon at Canada West Veterinary Specialists the following morning and Sophie had the surgery the same afternoon. We did follow-up physiotherapy at Canada West and hydrotherapy at Waterworkz.  The procedure was a success and we’re so thankful for the positive outcome. Sophie just turned 15 and is running around, loves swimming, a very happy girl.

    We would like to thank Susan and the entire Glenbrook family for doing what was best for our girl. Not only did they see to Sophie’s well being but ours as well. We are very pleased to offer this testimonial as Glenbrook will continue to be our vet of choice.


    Margo Spencer & Stephen Sawchuk

    New Westminster, B.C.








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    I was just so pleased with the experience of bringing my Merlin in for his vaccinations and yearly check up.

    The cat room at Glenbrook is quiet, CLEAN  and separate from our canine friends.  Lovely attention to detail has thoughtfully been put into place with a large scratching post and an array of  distracting toys. A comfortable couch with soft materials for us humans  to sit with our feline companion while the doctors and staff lovingly administer treatment make this necessary visit as stress free as possible.

    The doctors and staff take the time and are attentive to truly care for our loved pets. They provide an excellent level of services, care and  very professional treatment.

    I highly recommend Glenbrook Pet Care Hospital.  Merlin says thank you for the catnip toy he received during his visit!


  • I want you all to know that there is a place that is known as Glenbrook Pet Care Hospital that should be renamed to Compassion & Love For Pet Care Hospital.  Every human critter that works there is so knowledgeable and caring, that you always feel your furry critter is in the best hands – and they are!!!  The care that is shown to each and every pet cannot be measured, but I must tell you my 2 little furry treasures had the  best treatment and concern that anyone could hope for.
    Speaking for myself and my 2 furry kids, I want you all to know that you will be treating your furry kid with all the love and respect they deserve, if you take them to the fine group of human critters at Glenbrook Pet Care Hospital.
    Sincerely – Barb McBride